Perfectly Ordinary

Today was one of those perfectly ordinary days – ordinary, because it was just a typical Sunday for us, but also perfect because it was one of those days that you want to store in your memory forever to bring out on one of the inevitable difficult days ahead.

We slept in, had a big breakfast while reading the Sunday papers, did a couple of household chores, then headed to the beach.

It was a warm and crystal clear morning of blue skies and deep blue water.  Fall has definitely arrived, and the ocean is cooling off, but with calm seas and a water temperature of 67 degrees it was a perfect morning for my swim out to the buoy…although the water was a bit too cold and rough for Don.

After my swim we spent a peaceful 1 1/2 hours on the beach enjoying the view and doing some breathing exercises before heading home for a dip in our pool and lunch on the patio.

A Sunday “cuddle” (wink, wink) was followed by a nice long nap, and then a relaxing bath for me.

A few more chores and dinner preparations were followed by a walk back down to the ocean with our dog Jazz to watch a glorious sunset.   As we crossed in front of the long line of cars leaving the Esplanade we remarked on how fortunate we are to live just a few short blocks from the ocean – close enough that walking there twice in one day is no big deal.

We had told our therapist that we sometime struggle to find things to talk about.  She suggested using  “The 36 Questions That Lead To Love” as a conversation-starter, which is working like a charm, so we had a great conversation about our childhoods over spaghetti bolognese and red wine.

I took Jazz for our usual after dinner stroll around the block while Don finished off cleaning the kitchen.  There was a beautiful sliver of new moon, and I could hear the buoys clanging in the harbor – one of my favorite sounds.

Now Don is watching pre-season hockey while snuggling on the sofa with Jazz, so I have time to blog without feeling like I should be with him.

Soon it will be time for a little ice cream, and then early to bed.

A perfectly ordinary,  but just perfect day!Sunset 09.24.17



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